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Over 200,000 men died in the trenches of World War 1.

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Q: How many men died in the trenches of World War I?
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What you know about World War I?

the countries had dug trenches (a long narrow ditch) to avoid enemy fire however most people who was involved in the war had not died from each but died from diseases, the trenches were horrible rats lived there and many people died there. world war 1 was the worst war.

How many people died because of the living conditions in the trenches of World War 1?

About 200,000

What happened to the Australian troops at Gallipoli in World War 1?

Thousands of men died in trenches Thousands of men died in trenches

How many people died on the western front?

Approximatly one million soldiers died in the trenches in world war one

How many trenches were there in World War 1?


How many trenches were dug in world war 2?


What does the trenches mean in World War 1?

they fought in the trenches ww1 was known as a war in the trenches

Name three problems that in the trenches during world war 1?

People died

How long did the trenches stretch and were trenches used during World War 2?

Trenches were a trademark of the first World War. They were extensive and elaborate. They were not used in World War II. Are you trying to find out the length of ALL the trenches together?

What was the Trench war?

The first world war is usually referred to as a trench war. A trench war is fought generally in trenches You can look up trench warfare" in wikipedia where it will tell you more about how it is fought. Belgium and north France still have many sites where the trenches can be visited and viewed a sad memorial to a war in which so many people died.

What part did Ireland have in World War 1?

At the outbreak of war in 1914, the whole of Ireland was an integral part of the United Kingdom and as such many young Irishmen from all communities died in the trenches.

How many people died in the trenches in World War one?

The death toll for world war 1 was over 16 million total from all sides. There were over 21 million wounded from the war.