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The Russians lost about 10 million soldiers on the eastern front, of which approx. 4 million died as pow's (almost all Russian pow's died in German captivity). In addition to that about 20 million Russian civilians died.

Germany lost in total 5.5 million dead soldiers and 1.8 million dead civilians. In addition to that about 8 million German soldiers were captured. On the eastern front approx. 3.5-4 million German soldiers died (around 75%). At the end of the war, the Russians held about 3 million German pow's, Americans held about 4 million (of which they transferred 1 million after the war to the Russians), and the british held about 1 million German pow's.

So the biggest losses of the Germans were indeed on the eastern front, but if you also take pow's into account, losses are almost matched.

This site contains a breakdown of all casualties during ww2 per battle:

The German military suffered around 2,800,000 killed. Of these around 2,000,000 died on the Eastern Front, 300,000 died on other fronts, and 500,000 died in captivity. The Soviet Union suffered 14,500,000 killed total. Of these 3,330,000 died in captivity.

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Q: How many of the German casualties were on the Eastern Front?
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How many of the Russian casualties were on the Western Front?

In WW1 none. In WW2 some of the German units defending France were made up from eastern European conscripts.

How many allied and German casualties were there an D-Day?

At least ~12,000 overall Allied casualties , German casualties were estimated at between 4,000 and 9,000 casualties .

How many German soldiers returned from the eastern front in World War 2?


How many Japanese casualties on D-Day?

I saw you saying that you ment German casualties. Still, i will give you the answer. There is about 4,000 to 9,000 estimated casualties.

How many deaths were there in the Battle of Cambrai?

The British had more than 55,000 casualties, and German casualties are estimated at 45,000.

How many German casualties World War 2?

Estimated on 12,000,000

How many allied and German casualties were there an D-Day - slide1?

There were approximately 20,000 casualties on both sides on the single day, 6 June

How many Russians died in the eastern front?

Almost 27 million Russians died on the eastern front.

How many casualties were there in the German invasion of France in 1940?

The May 1940 invasion of France by Germany resulted in 290,000 French casualties and 138,000 German casualties. The German campaign lasted a little over one month. What is surprising about these figures was that normally the defensive army has fewer casualties then the offensive force.Yet, France suffered more wounded and killed soldiers then Germany by a wide margin.

How many people died when Germany invaded Poland?

In the invasion of Poland German casualties were about 17,000 troops killed.Polish casualties (military and civilian) were about 66,000 killed.

Did the Soviet Union fight most before D-day?

The Soviet Union was fighting the Eastern Front on D-Day. Many German troops were occupied in this area.

How many army casualties did Germany have due to their invasion of Norway in 1940?

The German invasion of Norway in 1940 cost the invaders close to 5,300 casualties. This was more than the British, French and Norwegian forces who suffered just under 5,000 casualties.

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