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this is impossible to tell, but in allies, people needed to be 18 to sign up. however many people lied about their age. The Germans did have a program called Hitlers youth were many kids did fight.

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Q: How old was the youngest soldier of World War 2?
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How old were the youngest people in the World War 1?

The youngest reported soldier in ww1 was from Britain and he was 12.

What was the average age of a civil war soldier and what were the oldest and youngest soldiers?

The average age of a Civil War soldier was around 25-26 years old. The youngest soldier was estimated to be around 13 years old and the oldest soldier was in his 80s.

What were the ages of the oldest and youngest soldiers recorded in the civil war?

The youngest soldier was 13, while the oldest soldier was 98 years old

How old was the youngest soldier to die in Vietnam?

the youngest U.S. soldier to die in viet nam was just 15 years old.

Which famous Australian Soldier fought in World War I?

The man was named Jeffry Nichols and served as a both world war 1 and 2 veteran. But what about Jim Martin. He was the youngest WWI ANZAC. He was only 14 years old

How old was the youngest Anzac from the first world war?


What were the youngest soldiers in the Civil War?

The Youngest surviving soldier at the end of the US Civil War was Andrew 'Jackson' Botts. He was the 13 years old. Known as the 'Little Drummer Boy,' he joined the Civil war when he was 12 1/2 years old. There were other soldiers who were as young as or younger when they joined, but Andrew Jackson Botts was the only 13 year old soldier at the end of the war.

Who is the yougest wounded civil war soldier and how old was he?

The youngest recorded soldier to be wounded in the US Civil War was a Union drummer boy named William Black. He was 12 when he was wounded by an explosing shell.

Who was the youngest soldier killed at Pearl Harbor?

well really the youngest was about 20 years old and you mudered him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name of the youngest U.S. soldier that served in World War 2?

It is believed to be James R Clark who lied about his age and joined the Army at 13 years old. When the army found out about his real age, he was discharged at 14 years old.

How old was the youngest boy in World War 1 from Australia?

12 years of age

What age was the oldest soldier during World War I?

110 year old is the oldest soldier during world war 1