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Q: How the US Ended WW2 in pacific?
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What war did the us go in to fight the Japanese?

Russia had the Great Patriotic War (WW2); America had the Pacific War (WW2).

What strategy was used by the us in the pacific ocean during WW2?

Island hopping

Where did the US fight during WW2?

The US fought in Europe and Japan during WW2.

WW2 finally ended when the Japanese surrendered after what US actions?

The dropping of the Atomic bomb

What ends depression in World War 1?

WW2 ended the depression of the 1930's in the US.

What was life like for the US soldiers in the Korean War?

Bad conditions as experienced by US forces during WW2 in Europe and the Pacific.

Did the second amendment stop a Japanese land invasion?

No, the 2nd Amendment pertains to the US Constitution, and not WW2. The A-Bomb stopped the planned invasion, and ended WW2.

Where did japan fight with America in?

WW2 in the Pacific in battles for Pacific islands.

Was Hong Kong a british territory?

Hong Kong became territory of the British Empire after the opium war which ended in 1942. During the pacific war (the part of WW2 carried out in the pacific ocean) it was occupied by Japan. At the conclusion of WW2 in 1945 it was again under British control until 1997 when China regained sovereignty.

How and why did the US get involved in World War 2 in the pacific?

The bombing of Pearl Harbour was the major instigator of American involvement in WW2.

When did World War 2 start in the Philippines?

December 7, 1941, the same day that WW2 in the Pacific started in the US.

Where did the pacific war take place?

The Pacific Theater of Operations in WW2. All of the Pacific & Indian Oceans.