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Womens lives were affected greatly. They got the respect of man workers. They got to work in factories and vote.

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2007-03-23 15:08:20
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Q: How was the life of a civilian affected by World War 1?
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Describe how the vietnam war affected americans at home?

The Vietnam War affected the Americans at home due to civilian loss of life, about 415,000 lives.

What was civilian life in the United States during World War 1?


What happened to soldiers who survived world war 1?

As far as possible they returned to civilian life ...

How the world war 2 affected people in the Caribbean?


How did the Ferderal government actions influence civilian life during the world war 2?

There was no Ferderal government...

In World War 2 why were civilian bombed?

Both sides bombed civilian targets in an attempt to break each others will to fight by causing great loss of life and destruction.

How was Texas affected by World War I after it ended?

How was Texas affected by world war 1

What is a civilian in world war 2?

someone not in the military

How did world war 1 change life for british people?

Well WW1 was the first total war which meant it was the first war that didn't just affect the fighters it also affected many aspects of civilian life. People were affected in many ways such as, rationing was introduced, peeps affected by propaganda, government took control of industry, there was more censorship, women started working. -EDIT- Women were given the vote because of their contribution during the war. Women from ages 30 and over were given the vote in November 1918

What were the civilian casualties in Russia after World War 1?

one and a half million civilian casualties

Did world war 1 cause an effect to the Australian way of life?

World war one affected the way of life by people not getting many privlages and family members were dying.

What did majority of veterans do after world war 2?

They returned to civilian life (went to school, got jobs, got married, etc.).

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