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After you complete Basic Training you will proceed on to you MOS training, listed in you enlistment contract, once you complete you MOS training you will proceed to you first duty station.

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Depends on what you will be doing in the Army. Infantry personnel attend One Station Training at Ft. Benning GA.

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Q: In the army after basic training where do you go?
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How does the army decide where you go for basic training?

For your training they will send you based on what you decide you want to do. If you ask your recruiter he/she should be able to tell you where you go for your basic training. good luck!

Can us army go home after basic training at Oklahoma?

Typically No, you will proceed right to your AIT (MOS training) right after Basic Training, unless you are a Reserve soldier you might be able to go home after Basic

What basic training do engineers go through in the army reserve?

they attend the same BCT that the rest of the Army does

How many weeks is basic training when you enlist in the Army?

Basic training for the Army takes 9 weeks. Advanced individual training can last an additional 6 weeks to 1 year! The Army have 5 different locations for basic training.

How long do you go to traning camp for the army?

The Navy and Army's basic training is 8 weeks long. Air force is 6 weeks, and Marine Corps is 13 weeks.

Where does the us army infantry go to basic training?

Yes. US Army infantry attend One Station Unit Training (essentially, Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training, rolled into one package) at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Is there any way to go into the US Army without going through basic training?

The only way to enter the US Army as a soldier without going through US Army Basic Training is to be a prior service member, in which case, you would have already gone through Basic Training/boot camp. Otherwise, the answer is no. You could gain employment as a Department of Defence civilian employee, but a lot of those jobs come with a stipulation that you join a reserve component of the military, which is still going to require you to go through Entry Level Training. Even officers have a Basic Training they go to - OBT, or Officers Basic Training.

What kind of tasks does the Army's basic training involve?

Most of training is mostly exercising and gun training. You will be doing a lot of running weights courses, drills and gun training during the Army basic training.

What is army toughening phase?

Basic training.

What does a platoon guide do in the Army National Guard basic training?

There is no Army National Guard basic training. It is basic training at one of the US Army's active duty training base. All active, reserve, and guard members train together as one. The platoon guide is basically a leader of the platoon.

What is the job of an Army Chaplain?

The job of an Army Chaplain is to care for the spiritual well being of Soldiers etc. Army Chaplains do not have to go through basic training but they do have to attend a Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course.

How many years does it take to pass basic army training?

Basic Army training, also known as Basic Combat Training (BCT), typically lasts for about 10 weeks. However, the duration may vary slightly depending on the specific branch of the army and any additional training requirements.