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vaginal fluid

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Q: How long does the discharge process take from army basic training?
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If you join the army do you get military id?

Yes, although you don't actually get it until you in-process for Basic Training.

How many weeks is basic training when you enlist in the Army?

Basic training for the Army takes 9 weeks. Advanced individual training can last an additional 6 weeks to 1 year! The Army have 5 different locations for basic training.

What is the foundation of the US Army's training process?

The Army Training CycleThe Army Training Management Cycle

What kind of tasks does the Army's basic training involve?

Most of training is mostly exercising and gun training. You will be doing a lot of running weights courses, drills and gun training during the Army basic training.

What is army toughening phase?

Basic training.

What does a platoon guide do in the Army National Guard basic training?

There is no Army National Guard basic training. It is basic training at one of the US Army's active duty training base. All active, reserve, and guard members train together as one. The platoon guide is basically a leader of the platoon.

What is the Army Training Management Cycle?

The foundation of the training process.

How many years does it take to pass basic army training?

Basic Army training, also known as Basic Combat Training (BCT), typically lasts for about 10 weeks. However, the duration may vary slightly depending on the specific branch of the army and any additional training requirements.

How long does Army basic training take?

The army basic training program takes nine weeks to complete. It is required to become a US soldier.

Can you fight the army's desire to discharge you due to you not revealing medical history following completion of basic training?

It depends what your medical problems are. The Army does (believe it or not) consider your safety, so if for instance you were deaf or couldn't see well even with glasses then yes, they can discharge you. I do believe the Army has to provide you with council to fight this, so check it out. Good luck Marcy

Are you allowed to bring supplements protein shakes etc to army basic training?

no ur not... but after basic training u can use them

How long is army basic training in 2010?

Ten weeks.