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Q: Is Selective Service still in effect today?
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What laws by Washington are still in effect today?

The constitution is still in effect today. It dates from 1787 and has worked all these years.

Is the SR-71 Blackbird still in service today?

No. It was withdrawn from service in 1998.

How do Chavez still effect people today?

Chavez who?

Is the National Youth Administration still in effect today?

no it was only in effect from 1935 to 1943

What precedent set by Washington are still in effect today?


What precedents set by Washington are still effect today?


Is the works progress administration still in effect today?


Does the way gladiators were recruited still effect people today?


Is the F-14 aircraft still used today?

No, they are all out of service.

What is an act created by the bureaucrats that is still in effect today?

social security act

How did you know to go to the Selective Service Office for the Vietnam War?

Same way as today...TV, radio, word of mouth, signs, etc. If you happen to "try" to enlist into the service, you'd have been surprised to learn that they wouldn't take you unless you had a select service card (which had your ss # on it).

Which bus was in service in london from 1956 to 2005?

AEC Routemaster. It's still in service on a few Heritage routes today.