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Vietnam was never Communist, as it never involved a classless stateless society based on production for use.

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Yes, Vietnam is a Single-party Communist-socialist republic.

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yes it is

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Q: Is Vietnam still communist-
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Is Vietnam a communist country still?

Yes the whole country of Vietnam is still a communist country.

Is Vietnam still a communist nation today?

Yes Vietnam is still a communist nation. Along with China, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba

Why the communism regime still alive in Vietnam as of now 2007?

Answer VietnamBecause the Vietnamese communist in Vietnam is no longer communist.

Who was still under communist control in 2008?

China, North Korea, and Vietnam are still under Communist control.

Is Vietnam socialist or communist?

Neither: it is capitalist (wages system, production for sale, class divide).

What country are still communism today?

Answer:China, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, and Russia are still Communist countries.

Is North Vietnam still communist?

There is no such thing as North Vietnam. It's just called Vietnam...and yes it has a Communist government that uses Capitalist economic strategy just like China.

Is Vietnam capitalist now?

No, it is still communist state, but with capitalism economy

The Southeast Asian nation that is still ruled by a communist regime is?


What happened in Vietnam after the US left?

The Northern Communist part of Vietnam came out victorious, they declared Independance and even to this day they could still be partly Communist

Is Vietnam still divided?

Vietnam reunited in 1976 after the end of the Vietnam war, South Vietnam (democratic side) losing to North Vietnam (communist side).

Where is still comunist?

For starters; Red China, Vietnam and North Korea are still communist nations.

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