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Q: Was Matthew Brady union or confederate?
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Was mathew brady for the confederate or union?


What side was Matthew Brady on the civil war?

He photographed Union soldiers and the president.

When was Matthew Brady's birthday?

Matthew Brady's birthday is May 18, 1822.

When was Matthew Francis Brady born?

Matthew Francis Brady was born on 1893-01-15.

When did Matthew Francis Brady die?

Matthew Francis Brady died on 1959-09-20.

Was Matthew brady Amish?

yes Matthew brady was Amish,eh....... thanks, eh... sincerly, eh... yes...?

When was the famous US Civil War photographer Matthew Brady born?

Matthew B. Brady gained fame as a photographer due to his photographic "history" of many key events and battles of the US Civil War. He was a Northerner and the Union's public were able to see the horrible tragedies of that war via the pictures Brady sent to Northern newspapers and magazines. Brady was born in 1823 and died in 1896.

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When was Matthew Brady born?


What did the Confederate and Union troops wear?

Confederate-Gray Union-Blue

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Is Mississippi union or confederate?