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Yes, bombing was not terribly effective. About 1,000 pounds of bombs were dropped for each resident, man, woman and child in Vietnam (that is by all aircraft of all US services.)

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Q: Was the B-52 bomber used in the Vietnam War?
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Where was the Vietnam war with Thailand located?

More than half the B52 bomber force was based in Thailand.

B-52 bomber financing in World War 2?

The B17, B24, and B29s were the heavy bombers of WWII. The B52 was the heavy bomber of the Vietnam War.

What was the best weapon of the Vietnam war?

The best weapon of the Vietnam war was the Strategic Air Command's high altitude strategic heavy bomber; the B52 Stratofortress.

What is the smallest bomber?

Although the F-105 Thunderchief was the largest single engine jet fighter-bomber made, and was the USAFs only purpose built "fighter-bomber" (all others were fighters or interceptors) it was the smallest bomber used in the Vietnam War. The USN A6 Intruder and the USAF B57 Canberra were medium bombers used during the war, and the B52 Stratofortress was the heavy bomber of the Vietnam War.

Who is the Crewman on the tail of a bomber?

Used to be an enlisted man. The Vietnam War was the last war to have bomber tailgunners. Two B52 tailgunners shot down two NVAF MiG21s in December 1972; for the last time in history.

The best bomber in the world?

The B52 Stratofortess. During the Vietnam War, one B52 could carry up to 108 750lb HE bombs. That was equal to about 10 World War 2 B17 bombers.

Nixon involvement in the Vietnam war?

B52 Nixon, Commander in Chief; used the B52 against North Vietnam more than any other US president.

Were there bomber and fighter plane bases in Thailland?

Yes. During the Vietnam War B52 bombers flew from both Thailand and Guam to strike targets in both South and North Vietnam.

What was the deciding factor in the Vietnam war?

SACs B52 Stratofortress was the deciding factor.

What kinds of weapons were involved in the Vietnam war?

The following list shows some of the weapons used in the war in Vietnam. 1. The main bomber of the war was the B52. 2. The longest serving fighter bomber of the war was the F100 Super Sabre jet, it fought on from 1961 until 1971. 3. The main tanks of the war were the M48 Patton and M551 Sheridan. 4. The primary riverine boats were the Swift Boats and PBRs. 5. The basic small arms of the war were the M16 and .45 pistol.

When was the b-52 used?

The B52 fought it's first major war in Vietnam from 1965 thru 1973. 30 B52s were downed during the war and two B52 tail gunners shot down NVAF MiG21s during missions over North Vietnam in 1972. Todays B52s drop smart weapons. During the Vietnam War one B52 could drop up to 108 750lb high explosive general purpose bombs.

Was the B-29 bomber used in the Vietnam War?

1. The B29 Superfortress was used against Japan during WWII. It was the only bomber that could reach Japan. The B24 Liberator and B17 Fortress did not have the range to reach Japan. The war against Japan was a long range war; the war against Germany was a short range war (even though fighter escorts had to be developed to escort the B17s over Germany by being fitted with drop tanks). 2. The B29 Superfortress was used during the Korean War (1950-1953). 3. The B52 Stratofortress from the USAFs Srategic Air Command (SAC) was the heavy bomber of the Vietnam War. The medium USAF B57 Canberra bomber and the US Navy's A6 Intruder were medium bombers of the Vietnam War. 4. Nearly all US jets; interceptors or not became "fighter-bombers" during the Vietnam War. This includes the F-100 Super Sabre, F104 Starfighters, F-102 Delta Daggers, and the famous F8 Crusader.

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