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Q: Washington saluted the bravery of his exhausted troops. Which list of words from the sentence contains all nouns?
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An example of a sentence with the word bravery?

The firefighters were commended for their bravery.

Why is the Washington monument recongnized?

It was recognized for George Washington's bravery and courage.

What is a sentence with the word bravery?

Bravery is a virtue that not a lot of people possess at the moment.

Who did George Washington notice the bravery of during the battle of long island?

george washington noticed bravery on the side of the british tremendasly because they had more fighters wanted them to win

How do you use the word bravery in a sentence?

Pure bravery is the only reason Ryan went into the lion cage.

What is a sentence with personification using the word bravery?

Bravery crept into his heart when he saw his family killed, and he attacked the intruders.

What is a sentence with allusion using bravery?

Her bravery on the battlefield evoked images of ancient warriors like Achilles or Joan of Arc.

Is bravery a pronoun?

No, the word bravery is a noun, a common, abstract, uncountable noun; a word for courageous behavior or character.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence; for example:He showed surprising bravery. It was a surprise even to him.

Make a sentence using the word country's?

The country's military forces were widely known for their bravery.

What is a sentence with the word honor?

He was awarded a medal in honor of his bravery during the war.

What is a sentence for the word medal?

My new medal glimmered in the sun. During the war, he won a medal for bravery.

What is a sentence using the word wholeheartedly?

They wholeheartedly agreed that she deserved the award for bravery after saving the woman who was drowning in the river.