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NVA-North Viet Army

ARVN-Army Republic South Vietnam

During the Civil war, the South were the Confederates, and the North were the Union

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Q: What are north and south army names?
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What was the names of south during civil war?

The Confederate States of America or Confederacy

Who lead the north Korean army in the Korean War?

A general leads the NORTH Korean army & a general leads the SOUTH Korean army. The names of those generals change, just as they do in every army. There are two Koreas.

What were the names of the two armies that fought in the English Civil War?

Parliamentarians (Roundheads) and Royalists (Cavaliers).

Was the union army from the south or north?

North .

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Who was the leader for the army in the north in the the battle between the north and the south?

Grant vs Lee (North & South)

What 4 states have north or south in there names?

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Korea is now divided into two states what are their names?

North Korea and South Korea

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What was the army name in thecivil war in the south and in north?

The South was called Confederates and the North was called Unions.