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As I understand events, King Christian X was the king of Denmark during the second world war. After Nazi German armed forces invaded Denmark, the German government of occupation began to attempt to separate Danish Jews from the rest of the population, preparatory to deporting them for internment in concentration camps and, ultimately, extermination. The Germans ordered that all Jews wear a yellow star on their clothing (as had been done in other occupied countries of Europe) to distinguish them from their fellow Danes. King Christian declared that all Danes were equal, and that if some would wear the yellow star, all would, and proceeded to take his customary morning rides in the park with large yellow star affixed to his clothing. Soon, many non-Jewish Danes followed his lead. The German order was rescinded. Ultimately, many Danish Jews (nearly all, I believe) were smuggled (by their non-Jewish fellow citizens) out of the country to neutral Sweden and the Jewish community of Denmark was thus saved from destruction. Well known actor/pianist/comedian Victor Borge (born Borge Rosenbaum ) in Denmark. He was Jewish, and a famous and popular performer before the war. Because he was well-known, he had to flee Denmark either just before or during the initial German invasion, and thus was not a personal beneficiary of his fellow Danes kindness to Danish Jews. However, he expressed his gratitude to the people of Denmark and King Christian for their help and support of Denmark's Jewish community and did much to inform the world of this somewhat hidden history of The Second World War.

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Danish king Christian X ruled Denmark and Iceland during World War II. Unlike the monarchs of other Nazi-occupied countries, Christian did not go into exile, remaining as national symbol of Danish resistance.

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Q: What did King Christian the Tenth have to do with the Holocaust?
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