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My Uncle Albert Fish - What ships was he on in the navy?

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Q: What ships was your uncle Albert Fish on in WWII?
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How many ships did the U-boats sink?

Roughly 2,000 merchant ships in WWII.

Where did naval jelly get its name?

used in WWII to remove rust from ships superstructures, but used prior to WWII. The name was used in WWII and that's how it stuck.

Did Adolf Hitler ask Albert Einstein to work with him during WWII?


Liberty Ships?

Ships built using mass production methods that carried goods and troops during WWII.

Who said loose lips sink ships?

It was a slogan for a pamphlet in WWII

What were World War 2 ships made of?

USN ships of WWII were built of steel; USN PT Boats were built of WOOD. USN ships of WWII also fought in the Vietnam War; USN Swift Boats during the Vietnam War were built of ALUMINUM.

What vehicles where used in World Wars?

WWI- Horses & carriages, motorcycles, cars & trucks, tanks, airplanes, ships WWII- Motorcycles, cars & trucks-I believe the Jeep was first used in WWII, "half-tracks" tanks, airplanes, ships, submarines

What rifle has an Acorn shaped bolt?

K-65 my uncle brought me one from Germany at the end of WWII

Who was Albert R Mastropolo?

Albert R. Mastropolo was a medic in WWII. He was born in New York 1912. He fought in Europe. Yes, he did survive the war and did make it home.

Who was albert Robert mastropolo he is 3 childrens great grandfather and was in WWII if you do not believe this go to ancestorycom and look up albert Robert mastropolo birthdate 1912?

Birth Date: 1912

What are suicide planes?

I'm guessing you mean the Japanese zeros of WWII where the Kamakazis committed suicide by flying into US ships.

What type of plane is the Bismarck?

There is no known type of plane known as "Bismarck". There were many ships including the famous WWII battleship.

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