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The Vietnam War had the least support by American citizens. The war lasted for over 18 years. The USA lost 58,220 soldiers.

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Q: What war had the least support by American citizens?
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3 things American citizens did to support the war at home?

HAHA nothing!

During the early years of the cold war American citizens were encouraged to?

Be patriotic and support mainstream American values

What events led to war of 1812?

• interference with American shipping • impressment of U.S. Citizens • British support of Native American resistance

What did us citizens have to do to support World War 1?

buy war bonds

What percent of people care about the soldiers in the war?

The first Iraqi/American (Vietnam) war? If thats what you are asking, I don't know the exact percent but it is a higher level percent. The American citizens showed overwhelming support for the troops when they returned.

Why was the American governments perceptions of the Vietnam War so different the the American citizens?

They weren't doing the actual fighting, the citizens were.

What problem made China reluctant to improve relations with the United State?

American support for Taiwan The Vietnam War

What was one result of American propaganda?

One result of American propaganda during World War II was shaping public opinion in support of the war effort. This helped to stimulate patriotism and unity among citizens, as well as increase recruitment for the military.

How did the revolutionary war effect latin citizens?

There were not very many Latin citizens in the American Colonies. The War had no special effect on any that were there.

Japanese-American citizens were asked to evacuate to what?

"War Relocation Camps"

In general American tactics in the Vietnam war did what?

Alienated the Vietnamese citizens.

What provided cheap land to American citizens after the Civil War?

Compromise of 1877