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United States alliances during world war one were Franc, Russia, Italy, Britain

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Q: What was the US Alliances during World War 1?
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Who were the US alliances during the Spanish American war?


What military alliances were formed during the Gulf war?

There were no alliances; the USSR monitored (supported) Iraq and the US (monitored/supported) Iran during the war (1980-1988).

What were the four reasons why the US enter world war 1?

Lusitania, Pressure from both sides, trade issues during war, Entangled alliances

Due to diplomatic ties the US lost friendly alliances with these two countries during World War 1?

Germany and Britain

Why US returned to isolationism after 1920?

US seeks to avoid alliances with other nations after the world war I.

What are the alliances and their names during both World War I and 2?

WORLD WAR 1: allies(Britain us russia France) central(austria-Hungary Germany turkey) WORLD WAR 2: allies axis(Germany Italy japan)

What factors combined to draw the world and ultimately the us into world war 1?

Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism.

What were the rival military alliances during the cold war?

The Rival Military Alliances were NATO (US help form) and the Warsaw Pact (USSR and its satellite nations)

What was the nickname of a US infantryman during World War I?

A US infantryman during World War I was called a "Doughboy"

Who immigrated to the US during World War 2?

china immigrated us during 2nd world war

What were the alliances in World War 1 for the US?

UK, russia and Italy kept changing there mind to who was winning

How did the USSR view the US during World War 2?

how did the ussr view the us during world war 2

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