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the general public around ww1 were not happy with the war because of the loss of human life.

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They felt like the war just ended

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Q: What was the feeling of the general public to World War 1?
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After World War I the general feeling of most americans was?

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After world war 1 the general feeling of the most Americans was?


Why did the U.S. choose to be neutral in the beginning of World War 2?

The general public, many newspapers, and influential members of the Congress were opposed to the U.S. entering the war. The country was still struggling to end the Great Depression and U.S. participation in World War I had generated a good deal of anti-war sentiment. The general feeling was that the war was strictly a European matter in which the U.S. had no stake or interest. Of course, that all changed when Germany honored the Tripartite Pact with Japan and declared war on the U.S. on December 11, 1941.

Who was the famous world war 2 general?

Famous world war two general

How strong was public support for world war 2?

There was hardly any public support for world war 2 just like world war 1

Who said expression not repression?

It was George Creel, he worked for the Denver Newspaper. He was the Head of the Committee for Public Information and he use "Expression not Repression" to help advertise for the first World War to get the general public of America to get on board and support the war.

What was the general feeling of the troops during this war?

Your question cannot be answered because you didn't tell which war you are asking about.

Which general was in charge of the war in the pacific in World War 2?

General MacArthur.

What was the goal of the committee on public during world war 1?

To increase public support for the war

Did General Douglas McArthur participate in World War II?

General Douglas MacArthur was a commander in World War II.

If there is world war 3 will the public be called up to fight?

if world war 3 happens. Then the public will most probably be called up.

After world warI the general feeling of most americans was?

Once World War I concluded, the general feeling of many, perhaps even most, Americans was that America's duty was done. It was now time to return to internal affairs, to taking care of "simply American" business, rather than engaging in any more meddling into European problems. This was, in a word, a return to isolationism.