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There were the Axis and the Allies; the Axis made up of Germany, Italy and Japan, and the Allies Britain, France (until it was defeated) the USSR and the USA. Hope I could help :) xx

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Q: What were 2 alliances during ww II?
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Farm workers from which country helped grow and harvest crops during World War 2?

The Farm Workers during WW II were sent from Mexico The Farm Workers during WW II were sent from Mexico

Who is Well known writer during ww ii?

Anne Frank wrote a diary during World war 2.

Solders died from suicide in or after World War 2?

There were Soldiers during and veterans after WW II that committed suicide.

Is the cold war part of world war 2?

no No, the Cold War is quite separate from WW II. Note that in WW II, Russia was an ally of the US, while Germany and Japan were enemies of the US. In the Cold War, Russia became the main enemy of the US, and West Germany and Japan were allies of the US. So the alliances switched.

What was the city in Germany during world war 2?

The capital of Germany during WW II was Berlin, and Berlin remains the capital of Germany to this day.

What were the Japanese also known as in World War 2?

During WW II Japan was an empire ruled by an emperor, and was therefore known as Imperial Japan. Sometimes the term Nippon is used instead of Japan. The people of Japan were still known as the Japanese, even during WW II.

Was Germany World War 1 or World War 2?

Germany was in WW I and WW II.

What was the difference between the first and World War 2?

The most important different between WW I and WW II is there is a lot modern weapons and atomic bombs are used in WW II.

Was Eisenhower involved with World War 2?

YesYes. In fact, Dwight Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander during WW II.

How were canteens used during world war 2?

Canteens were used during WW II pretty much the same way they are still used, to carry water.

What country was the US's allies in World war 2?

During WW II the US was allied to England, France, Russia, Canada, & Australia.

How did people protect them self during w w 2?

people in WW II didn't really protect themselves because they couldn't.