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Bleriot - out-dated by 1915 but still used as a trainer

Farman HF.20 & F.40

Hanroit HD-1 (made in France but exported to Belgium, US Navy)

Salmson Type 2 - bomber used by USA

Breguet Types 4, 5 and 14 - bomber

Voisin - Types 1 to 6 and 8 to 10

Morane-Saulnier -- Several models: L, P N

Nieuport - Models 10, 11, 12, 16, 17 24 and 27

Nieport 28 - different design than the Nieuport 11 & 17 and used by USA.

Packard-Le Pere

SPAD - Societe Pour l'Aviation et ses Derivees - Types A2, VII, XI, XIII

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Q: What were some French World War 1 fighter planes?
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What were some fighter planes in World War 2?

A26 fighter plane made by Douglas Aircraft, Long Beach, California

What are some German fighter planes?

The Messerschmitt

What are some obselete things?

1. Piston engine fighter planes.

How much did fighter planes cost to produce in the 1920s?

In the 1920's, fighter planes cost about 50,000 per plane to produce. However, some were as expensive as 1.5 million dollars to produce.

How do you put obsolete into a sentence?

"World War II fighter planes were some of the finest fighters ever developed, but are completely obsolete in today's world of Mach 2 jets".

What did pilots in World War I do?

They mostly did a lot of air recon to spot enemy troop movements. There was also some air to air combat. The numbers of how many planes in each arsnal is unclear but what i know is that there were over 130 planes in the British side 85 in its arsenal were combat fighter planes and the rest did either recon or propaganda. :)

How many different types of British planes were involved in the battle of Britain?

The two major British fighter planes were the Hurricane and the Spitfire. The primary type was fighter. Some aircraft were used for rescue of downed airmen at sea and for coastal patrols. These varied from seaplanes to two-engine bombers.

Who are some pro athletes to serve in both World War 2 and Korea?

Baseball's Boston Red Sox player Ted Williams flew US Navy fighter planes during the Korean War.

What are some of Snoopy's hobbies?

Flying World War 1 fighter planes, writing novels ("It was a dark and stormy night..."), eating, stealing Charlie Brown's kite, licking Lucy with his dog lips, etc.

What are World War 1 planes used for today?

The few remaining airplanes are in museums. Some replicas have been made and they are also in museums or privately owned. They are used in air shows.

Was there any airplanes attached to zeppelins in ww1?

No. The US had some fighter biplanes attached to the USS Macon and USS Akron and those planes were called Sparrowhawks.

Is it easy to shoot down military fighter aircrafts?

No. In reallife no one will say this going to be easy to shoot down military fighter aircrafts. Many people know that military planes flying at high speed are really difficult to shoot down. Planes flying at supersonic speed can really dodge from missiles. Most military planes have a lock on radar system that allows them to know that they are being locked on by a missile but some planes are really difficult to detect on radar because of the stealth.