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There were actually A LOT of conflicts in the Civil War, many of course ending in what you would call a stalemate. Among the larger battles, many consider Antietam to be a stalemate, though by causing a stalement, the North wins a strategic victory. Since the South was smaller, any 'stalemate' generally favored the North since bleeding the Southern Army in the long run would win the war for the North.

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Q: What were the 4 battles that neither side really won in the Civil War?
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Which side won most of the early battles of the Civil War?


What is the significance of the Battle of Cold Harbor?

It was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War for the Union. Thousands died in a frontal assault on entrenched Confederate troops. Neither side gained an advantage from the battle.

What battles was indecisive and neither side won?

It's what they said about Murfreesboro (Stone's River), Tennessee.

Which side won more battles during the Civil War The Union or the Confederacy?

no difference

Why did neither side get a strong advantage in the early years of the US Civil War?

Because the pre-war Regular Army had been very small, and neither side had an army or a civil service that was ready to mount operations.

What side did Utah fight on during the civil war?

Utah was a Union state during the Civil War. It was far away from the main battles, but still was considered to be on the Union side.

Why might it be fair to say that neither side won the battles of the somme or verdun?

Because the losses were horrendous and there was little land won on either side.

What side did the US support with financial aid and weapons during the civil war?


Why might it be fair to say that neither side who won the battles of Somme or verdun?

Because both sides lost hundreds of thousands of men during these battles and the goal of taking ground during these battles was not accomplished as either side only took a few miles of ground.

In the beginning of the Civil War why did neither side raise large armies?

they did not have enough man power

Why could neither side gain advantage at the beginning of the Civil War?

Because neither side was ready. It would take months before the armies were recruited, trained and equipped for operations.

In the civil war which side was most destroyed?

In the Civil War, most of the destruction was suffered by the Confederate States because few battles were fought in Union States.

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