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.8 mi by .2mi

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Q: What were the dimensions of the inner stockade of Andersonville?
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What was a confederate stockade for the union prisoners during the civil war?


Where is the Andersonville Guild in Andersonville Georgia located?

The address of the Andersonville Guild is: Po Box 36, Andersonville, GA 31711

What is the web address of the Andersonville Guild in Andersonville Georgia?

The web address of the Andersonville Guild is:

Where is andersonville confederate prison?


What is the phone number of the Andersonville Guild in Andersonville Georgia?

The phone number of the Andersonville Guild is: 229-924-2558.

When was The Andersonville Trial created?

The Andersonville Trial was created in 1970.

What was the infamous Confederate prison of war camp?

* Andersonville - Andersonville, Georgia * Belle Isle - Richmond, Virginia * Blackshear Prison - Blackshear, Georgia [19] * Cahaba Prison (Castle Morgan) - Selma, Alabama * Camp Ford - near Tyler, Texas [20] * Castle Pinckney - Charleston, South Carolina * Castle Sorghum - Columbia, South Carolina * Castle Thunder - Richmond, Virginia * Danville Prison - Danville, Virginia * Florence Stockade - Florence, South Carolina * Fort Pulaski - Savannah, Georgia * Gratiot Street Prison - St Louis, Missouri * Libby Prison - Richmond, Virginia * Salisbury Prison - Salisbury, North Carolina (according to

When did the andersonville prison end?

The andersonville prison ended in 1923 November 6th

What is population of Eureka stockade in 1854?

The Eureka stockade was a temporary stockade, not a town with any sort of population.

Why was the stockade built?

The Eureka Stockade was buikt by the miners as a stockade, from which they planned to defend themselves against licence arrests.

I need answers for andersonville questions?

You can find answers to questions you have on Andersonville online or in text books.

When did Collingwood Stockade end?

Collingwood Stockade ended in 1866.