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Q: What were the roles the women had to do in Jamestown?
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How did women's roles and opportunities differ in the 1950s from women's roles today?

The way the women's roles and opportunities in the 1950s differ from women's roles today is in the 1950s women roles was mostly raising a family and housekeeping. Today, women play a part in public offices and workplace and person growth/community.

What position in society did the first African men and women have in Jamestown?

what position in society did the first African men and women have in Jamestown

What is are the main roles of iroqouis women?

the main roles of the iroqouis women is to take care of the clan

Who arrived in Jamestown in 1619?

Women were the first to arrive in Jamestown

Why were more women sent to Jamestown in 1620?

to make Jamestown a permanent settlement

What are the roles of Egypt?

The roles of Egypt were jobs for men and women

When did women arrive in Jamestown an what role did they play in stabilizing Jamestown?

on the boat an role play in cooking cleaning

Who played the women roles in shakespearian plays?

I believe back when they were first written the women roles where played by men because women were not allowed on stage

Women in society?

Women in society differ depending on their individual characteristics. Women are beginning to have equal roles in society. Their roles are not just limited to the family.

What were the gender roles in the gupta empire?

man and women had two roles

Why were there no women in Jamestown originaly?

It was not meant to be a permanent settlement

What were the roles of women in Shakespeare's?

Women did not participate in Shakespearean plays. All roles, including female ones, were played by men.