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supremacy of the King or Parliament

new economic groups wanting a role in government

scandal regarding the royal line

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Q: What were the three causes of the English civil wars?
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What were the civil wars in England called?

The English Civil Wars or The Great Rebellion were between supporters of Charles I and II and opposing groups in each of his three kingdoms. They are also referred to as the War of the Three Kingdoms.

What wars are similar to the English Civil War?

the american civil war

What were the short term causes of the English civil wars?

The short answer would be religion and control...It was about who would run the country and what religion the country would be.

When did Scotland in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms happen?

The Wars of the Three Kingdoms took place between 1639 and 1651, with Scotland being heavily involved in the conflict. It included the Bishops' Wars, the English Civil War, and the Cromwellian conquest of Scotland.

How long did the English Civil War last for?

the English civil war lasted for 10 years. It was split into three wars 1st from 1642-46 2nd 1648-49 3rd 1649-51

What were the names of the civil wars in England?

it was cold the english civil war parlment agenst the king

What major wars have been fought in England?

Within England there have been three major conflicts. The war between King Stephen and his cousin the Empress Matilda, The Wars of the Roses and The English Civil War

Who ruled the English Civil War?

Wars are usually named after the winner of that war. Due to the fact that the war is called the English Civil War the English won the war.

What was one of the battles that Julius Caesar was in?

Julius Caesar won many famous battles. Among them are Alesia, where he defeated Vercingetorix, Pharsalus, where he defeated Pompey, Munda, where e defeated Gaius Pompey, and Thebaid, where he defeated Cato.

Why is the English Civil War worse than a normal war?

How might a civil war be worse than normal wars

What were the wars in England caused by England?

The English civil war between the royals and parliament

Did the English civil wars continue on after the execution of Charles 1 in January 1649?