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SS Narragansett happened in 1880.

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Q: When did SS Narragansett happen?
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What ranks did Rudolf Hoess achieve during his services in the SS?

In General Rudolf Hoess was the first and last Camp Commandant of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.Here are the Following ranks he achieved in the SS and when:20th September 1933 - SS aspirant1st April 1934 - SS-Mann20th April 1934 - SS-Sturmmann28th November 1934 - SS-Unterscharführer1st April 1935 - SS-Scharführer1st July 1935 - SS-Oberscharführer1st March 1936 - SS-Hauptscharführer13th September 1936 - SS-Untersturmführer11th September 1938 - SS-Obersturmführer9th November 1938 - SS-Hauptsturmführer30th January 1941 - SS-Sturmbannführer18th July 1942 - SS-ObersturmbannführerFor an SS Personal, to achieve SS-Oberstumbannfuhrer within 8 Years and 10 Months is very impressive, That is the 3rd Highest Rank someone in the SS could Achieve unless if your in the Waffen SS then it's 7th Highest. Less than 75 People in the entire SS including Waffen-SS Achieved this rank.e

What did the ukranian SS do?

normal SS duties. There was a detachment of Ukranian SS at Auschwitz, working at the krematoria.

What does SS guard mean?

SS - SchutzstaffelSchutzstaffel - Protection Squad (literal translation) The SS ran the concentration camps. Please see the related question for more information on the SS.

What does the SS stand for in SS Peter and Paul?

lightning bolt

Nazi ss death head units?

SS-Totenkopfverbande, or 'Death's Head Units', were set up in the 1930s to guard German concentration camps, the first being established at Dachau. By the outbreak of the war, the SS-Totenkopfverbande, together with the SS-Verfugungstruppe and the SS-Leibstandarte 'Adolf Hitler', had formed the core elements of what became known as the Waffen-SS. Within the Waffen-SS, the SS-Totenkopfverbande eventually became the elite Totenkopfdivision (Death's Head Division).After becoming part of the Waffen-SS, the Totenkopf regiments were no longer responsible for guarding concentration camps, that role being taken over by older members of the Algemeine-SS (General SS).

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SS Kurtuluş happened in 1942.

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SS Mareeba happened in 1941.

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SS Balmes happened in 1913.

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SS Atlantic Empress happened in 1979.

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SS Ada Hancock happened in 1863.

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SS El Estero happened in 1943.

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SS Quinault Victory happened in 1944.

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