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Q: When did rationing of petrol come to an end?
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When did petrol rationing end in australia after world war 2?


What did d mean in rationing World War 2?

Rationing was the restriction by law of food, sweets, clothes, petrol etc so that everyone could get something to eat etc, and so that rich people did not buy up everything. Rationing carried on for seval years after the end of WWII, I remember the end of sweet rationing.

When did World War 2 petrol rationing start?


When did World War 2 petrol rationing end?

According to following internet site - May 1950

How did rationing change at the end of the war?

the reason is that Britain went through a massive devastation and needed time to recover that is why rationing was still going on after the war.

In which year didworld war 2 rationing formally end?

In the UK, rationing actually got worse at the end of the war but then gradually started to improve although the last items didn't finally come off ration until 1954.

How long did rationing last in England?

WW2 rationing ended in 1954, with the end of the meat ration.

Which food was not rationed during World War 2 but was rationed after it?

Rationing continued on many items until 1954.•1948- The end of rationing begins. It is another 5 years before rationing of all products is stopped.•25 July 1948 - end of flour rationing•15 March 1949 - end of clothes rationing•19 May 1950 - rationing ended for canned and dried fruit, chocolate biscuits, treacle, syrup, jellies and mincemeat.•September 1950 - rationing ended for soap•3 October 1952 - Tea rationing ended•February 1953 - Sweet and sugar rationing ends•4 July 1954 - Food rationing ends

When did That Petrol Emotion end?

That Petrol Emotion ended in 1994.

Why did rationing end?

In any sane society rationing is only used during a emergency.

What was the last thing to come off rationing in 1954?


What exact date did clothes rationing end?

wooo i answerd it first.