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Q: Where can you watch ken burns the civil war?
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Who produced lengthy TV documentaries about the Civil War baseball and jazz?

Ken Burns

What is the poem that Daisy Turner recites in Ken Burns' Civil War?

A Soldier's Letter by Mary C. Hovey (1864) is the name of the poem Ms. Daisy Turner recites by heart on Ken Burns' The Civil War (1990) PBS.

PBS Ken burns civil war who was old black lady who did poetry?

The poem featured in Ken Burns' Civil War documentary was "Diary of Lousia May Alcott" and was read by actress Julie Harris. It was a fictional account of a Black woman during the Civil War era.

Was the Civil War held in Delaware?

there were no battles fought in del during the civil war, del. did stay loyal to the union and there was a p.o.w. camp just off the coast called ft del where confederate prisoners were held,but no fighting on del soil ,watch Ken Burns "the civil war"

Who did the voice over for the iPad advertisement?

Peter Coyote. See also his contribution in Ken Burns' 'The Civil War' series.

Who is author of recent book of Civil War Battlefield maps reviewed last week?

The author of the Civil War Battlefield maps book is Ken Burns. Known for his book and series entitled "The Civil War", Burns is a popular historian that has written several articles on the war between the states. His latest book, which was reviewed last week chronicles several Civil War maps and battlefields. This includes Gettysburg, along with Antietam and Cold Harbor.

Who narrates The War documentary by Ken Burns?

Keith David

When was Ken Burns' Civil War series first televised?

The Civil War TV series was first broadcast across five consecutive nights from September 23-27, 1990. About 40 million viewers watched it during this original broadcast on PBS.

What are some of the most important documentary films?

The Atomic Cafe ,The World At War , The Civil War by Ken Burns , The Marines by PBS , Frank Capra's Why We Fight Series , Triumph Of The Will by Leni Riefenstahl , The Nuremberg Trials by the Soviets ,

Why were some historians critical of the Ken Burns TV documentary on the US Civil War?

Many historians and regular television viewers were impressed with the Ken Burns documentary film about the US Civil War. One criticism of the film was that it was high on art and entertainment but lacked the coverage of the Trans-Mississippi part of the war. They also believe that more accuracy and military issues could have been placed into the film in order to present a better view of the war for people who's knowledge of it was not very deep. The same has been said about the book that that was published which highlighted the film's information.

What became of Sam Watson the diarist in Ken Burns Civil War?

He went back home to Tennessee after being only 1 of 7 survivors in his regiment that had lived to the end. He wrote a book, the best book I've ever read on the civil war, called "Co. Aytch". Many quotes were pulled from this book to use in the Burns film. I highly suggest it's reading.

What did the civil war spectators do?