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Stalingrad, was where Paulus surrendered, but a small number fought on, not knowing that their war was over.

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Q: Where did German troops surrender to the Soviets on January 31 1943?
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German troops surrendered to the Soviets at?


Site where German troops surrendered to the soviets on Jan 31 1943?


Why did France surrender to the Germany?

They had no choice as France had been overrun by German troops.

What is the Soviet city which refused to surrender to German troops during the winter of 1942?


Where did the German troops surrender to the soviet union in World War 2?

Berlin , Germany

Soviet city that refused to surrender to German troops during spring 1942?


What happened on May 2 1945?

Soviet troops complete the capture of Berlin. The remaining German troops in Italy surrender.

How did the European Theater of Operations come to an end?

The European Theater ended when Red troops (Russian) invaded and took the German Capital of Berlin causing an uncontontional surrender of all German troops.

When did Germany surrender in the World War 2?

German Armed forces officially surrendered to Allied troops on May 8, 1945. General Alfred Jodl signed the instrument of surrender for the German military.

How did the soviet union's scorched - earth policy affect Germany's invansion of russia?

german's provisions and weapons were destroyed by soviets troops

What are the release dates for The War in China -- Review of German Troops - 1901?

The War in China -- Review of German Troops - 1901 was released on: USA: January 1901

When did the German army surrender at Stalingrad?

The Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS surrendered at Stalingrad on February 2nd 1943. However, some loyal German troops either remained hiding of still fought with what they had left for a month prior to the German Surrender in February 1943.

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