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Germany did. It also lost 19% of those soldiers.

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Q: Which country mobilized 20000000 troops in World War 2?
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Which country mobilized 20 million troops during World War 2?

Germany did.It also lost 19% of those soldiers.

How many troops did Russia mobilize in World War 1?

Germany mobilized 13.25 million troops in World War 1. Surprisingly this was more than Russia did, but by a small margin. Still, based of Russia's population, one might believe Russia would have had a greater number than Germany.

What country was first to mobilize during world war 1?

Germany mobilized the most troops. yeah Germany ROCKS man! best in the world

How many troops mobilized in the Ottoman Empire in World War 1?


Did the US help fight World War 1?

Yes, we mobilized a total of 4,355,000 troops.

What did Germany do in World War 1?

they went to war with russia because russia mobilized their troops too the German border. and were allied with austria-Hungary.

What country has the most troops?

China has the most number of troops in the World. Their army is the largest in the World, however, China has plans of reducing troops.

How many soldiers were mobilized in World War 2?

Approximately 16.1-million Americans served in the military during WWII. During the war, there were 72 millions deaths sustained, and 6-million of those deaths were European Jews killed during the Holocaust.?æ

How did the advantage in mobilized forces help the Western Allies defeat Germany in World War 1?

By 1918, Germany and her allies had taken so many casualties the end of World War One could have been predicted. Germany had exhausted its manpower resources. For example, between 1914 and 1918, the Western allies had mobilized 47 million troops. Germany and her allies could only generate 25 million troops. To a large extent, this troop advantage gave the allies an edge.

What country lost the most troops in World War 1?


How United States mobilized for World War 1?


What is one way American women mobilized for the war effort?

During World War II, many women grew "Victory Gardens" at home to bolster the rationing of goods, since so much was diverted to the troops.