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the civil war the civil war

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Q: Which war had the most deaths for US soldiers?
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How many Confederate soldiers died in the US Civil War?

Approximately 258,000 Confederate soldiers died in the American Civil War. Most deaths were due to disease.

How many casualties did the US have in the Spanish-American war?

379 US soldiers. 5083 = total number of deaths during the war.

Which side suffered the most deaths after the civil war in the US?

the south had more deaths.

What war killed the most US Soldiers?

the civil war

What percentage of US soldiers killed in Vietnam were black?

About 12.5 percent of the deaths in the Vietnam War were blacks.

What was there more of in the civil war than in any other US war?

More Deaths of American soldiers, but then both sides were Americans.

What war in killed the most American soldiers?

The US Civil War.

What war were the most us soldiers killed in?

world war 2

What war claimed the most lives of US soldiers?

The Civil War

In US battle deaths what is nontheatre battle deaths?

They are estimated because they have so little soldiers and not as many union soldiers.

How many Confederate soldiers were killed in the Civil War?

The death and casualty statistics from the US Civil War have had many estimates. Some historians now claim the total deaths in the US Civil War reached 750,000. The usual number is around 620,000. With that said, most estimates on the deaths of Confederate soldiers range in the area of 250,000 or more. One obstacle in this measurement was that so many Confederate war records had been destroyed. It is worthwhile to note that diseases caused the majority of deaths.

What was the common cause of death for soldiers serving in the US Civil War?

Most of the deaths among soldiers in the US Civil War was the result of diseases. The idea that most soldier deaths were due being killed in battle is not true. However, certainly the wounds that were the result of actual battle, was a major contributing factor to the diseases the ultimately resulted in death.

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