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The first person to came up with the rebel flag is Caleb Curtis

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Q: Who came up with the rebel flag?
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Who was the first person to create a rebel flag?

the first person to create the rebel flag was a black women in the slave days

Is the rebel flag awesome?

well yes it is a good flag and there is nothing rong with it The rebel flag is best best thing god ever let humans make, god bless Robert e. lee HELL YEAH its awsome.i own 4.

Why did they hold up a flag in world war 2?

we held up a flag in world war 2 to celebrate the Americans victory over the axis in ww2

Why Did the confederate change the design of the battle flag so many times?

The design of the battle flag was not changed at all. In the east, in General Lee's Army, they were usually 4' X 4", square, while in the Army of Tennessee in the west they were usually rectangular, as is seen today. The flag design which was changed was the Confederate National Flag, the Stars and Bars. General Beauregard designed the battle flag because the Stars and Bars, on smoky battlefields, looked too much like the old flag, the Stars and Stripes of the Union. This might cause friend to fire on friend. or allow the enemy to draw too near, from misinterpreting which flag they were showing. But the Confederate Navy continued to use the "First National" Flag, the Stars and Bars. This soon was seen to cause confusion at sea as much as it had on land, so the "Second National" flag was adopted, which was a white flag, with a miniature representation of the battle flag in the upper corner, where the stars had been. But this looked too much like a white flag of surrender, and more confusion resulted. So the "Third National" Flag was adopted, which was the same as the Second but with a broad red stripe added up and down the end, so it would no longer look like Rebel vessels were flying a white flag.

How did the confederate flag look during the civil war?

There were 3 different National Flags. The national flag is the flag that symbolizes the country. It was not the "rebel flag" that you see on back of pick-ups. This "rebel flag" is known as the Confederate Battle Flag as it was issued to the regiments. Each regiment would carry a Battle Flag and a National Flag.The first official flag of the Confederacy, or First National Flag or also called the "Stars and Bars," was flown from March 5, 1861, to May 26, 1863. This flag had a field of 3 stripes: RED, WhITE, RED. In the upper corner was a BLUE Field with 13 white stars in a circle. The problem was that from a distance this flag was mistaken for the US "Stars and STripes. So they changed it.The Second National Flag of the Confederacy, called the "Stainless Banner," was put into service on May 1, 1863. This flag was an all WHITE flag with the upper corner having a small version of the Battle Flag. The problem with it was that it looked like a white surrender flag.The Third National Flag was adopted March 4, 1865, just before the fall of the Confederacy. It was just like the Second National Flag but a wide, vertical RED stripe was added to the outter edge(away from the flag staff).Confederate Battle FlagThe Battle Flag was the RED flag with a BLUE "X" trimmed in WHITE and having 13 Stars in the "X". This flag was used by many regiments, but NOT by all of them. Many states adopted a flag similar to their State's flag. Examples are Texas and South Carolina. Then some Army commanders would design a flag that was adopted by all the regiments under his command. This was true of General Bragg's Army of the Tennessee and General Polk. However, in 1863, most flags had been replaced by the Battle Flag, as many had new flags issued to them. This flag has been adopted by the Klu Klux Klan and many hate groups. It has been seen on many modern battlefields where Southerners painted or displayed it on their tanks, airplanes or jets.

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What happened when the rebel flag came to the ground?

A guy named Bob picked it up.

Is the rebel flag racies?

the rebel flag not racies it was never on a slavery ship. blacks and whits difend that flag

What is the confederate flag?

The rebel flag the flag of the south.

What is the flag of confederate?

The rebel flag the flag of the south.

who came up with the name rebel in ever after high?


What state has a big X on it s flag?

The Rebel Flag

How do you get a rebel swimsuit?

By having a confederate rebel flag design on your swimsuit.

Who was the first person to create a rebel flag?

the first person to create the rebel flag was a black women in the slave days

Who loves the rebel flag?

yeah i do

What state's flag still has the civil war rebel flag as part of its design?


What color was the rebel flag?

red blue and white

Why did the government of Kentucky adopt the rebel flag?

It didn't.