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Simón Bolívar (1783-1830). He was able to drive out the Spanish from Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, and Equador.

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Q: Who fought to liberate the latin american countries from spanish rule?
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Who was the Filipino rebel leader who fought on the side of the Americans during the Spanish-American War?

Emilio Aquinaldo.

What countries fought in d day?

The countries that fought in D-Day were US, Britain,France and Russia.

What is a description of the battle between Spain and the US near the Philippines in World War 2?

The only time Spain and the US have fought anywhere was during the Spanish-American War of 1898, not during WWII, which was more than forty years later. In 1898 the Philippines had been a Spanish colony for more than 300 years. During the Spanish-American War the US Pacific squadron under Admiral Dewey fought the Spanish Fleet in the Battle of Manila Bay. The Spanish Fleet was completely destroyed, there were no Americans killed or wounded, and the Philippines were no longer a Spanish colony, but an American colony. The Philippines became an independent nation in 1947.

American war presidents?

if you mean presidents who were war heroes before being presidents George Washington is the easiest to name. also Andrew Jackson who also fought in the American revolution(democrat). Ulysses s. grant who fought and won the u.s civil war(republican). Theodore roosevelt who fought in the spanish-American war(republican).Dwight d. eisenhower fought in world war II(republican). george w bush fought in Vietnam(republican). that's all i can name since my fingers are bleeding now

Which countries have not fought the British?

There were twenty-two countries that never fought the British. Some of the names of the countries that did not fight the British are Honduras, Iran, Iraq, and Ireland.

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In the Spanish American War what countries fought in these wars?

Spain and the US.

What two countries was the Spanish American War fought?


What 2 countries fought over Cuba in the Spanish American War?

Spain and the US.

What was the Philippines American war about?

The war was the Spanish-American war.....the US has never fought a war against the Philippines, just to liberate them, the a fore mentioned war (from Spain) and WW II from the Japanese.

Two countries names where the Spanish American War was fought?

Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

What Countries fought against each other in the spanish American war?

Spain and the US.Spain and the US.

What two countries fought against each other in the Spanish-American War?

Spain and the US.Spain and the US.

Which countries was the battle of Spanish-American War fought in?

The Spanish American War was fought in Spanish Colonial Cuba, Spanish Colonial Puerto Rico and Spanish Philippines. The US fired on Guam, did no damage and they thought it was a ship's salute. They were not aware that a War was in progress and the small number of Spanish soldiers in Guam surrendered.

Which countries fought in the American Revolution?


What countries fought together during the Spanish American War?

Spain and the US fought against each other.

The US fought the Spanish in what war?

The Spanish American War.

The US fought in the Spanish-American War?

Yes the U.S. fought in the Spanish-American war. They began by helping the Cubans who wanted independence.