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The Panzer IV was the brainchild of German general and innovative armored warfare theorist Heinz Guderian.[1] In concept it was intended to be a support tank for use against enemy anti-tank guns and fortifications.[2] Ideally, the tank battalions of a panzer division would each have three medium companies equipped with Panzer IIIs, and one heavy company of Panzer IVs.[3] On 11 January 1934, the German army wrote the specifications for a "medium tractor", and issued them to a number of defense companies. To support the Panzer III, which was to be armed with a 37 millimeters (1.46 in) anti-tank gun, the new vehicle would mount a short-barreled 75 millimeters (2.95 in) main gun, and was allotted a weight limit of 24 tonnes (26.46 short tons). Development was carried out under the name Bataillonsführerwagen.(battalion commander's vehicle)

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Panzer is german for tank, tanks were first used by the British, but DaVinci had designs aswell.

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Q: Who invented the panzer 4 tank?
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What is the German name for tank or armor?

Answer Panzer is a word that refers to German armor (armour). Panzer-Grenadier was a unit that a mechanized infantry unit. Interestingly, a police unit was organized by Herman Goring and it grew into size to become an infantry unit, that was under the command of the Luftwaffe(Air Force). This unit grew large enought to be a Division with armored attached. It's official name was "Herman Goring Fallschrim-PanzerKorps" which literally translates to Armored Parachute Corps. However, they were not paratroopers.

What is better a panzer tank or a tiger tank?

The comparison between a Panzer tank and a Tiger tank depends on various factors such as the context of their use, the specific model, and the tactical requirements of a given situation. Here's a brief overview of each: Panzer Tank: Panzer tanks were widely used by the German military throughout World War II and were known for their reliability, versatility, and relatively lower production costs compared to more advanced tanks like the Tiger. They played a significant role in various campaigns and battles, offering mobility and firepower to German armored units. Tiger Tank: The Tiger tank, specifically the Tiger I, was a heavy tank used by the German army during World War II. It was renowned for its formidable armor, powerful 88mm gun, and heavy firepower, making it a feared opponent on the battlefield. However, Tiger tanks were also more expensive to produce and maintain compared to other tanks like the Panzer IV. While the Tiger tank offered superior firepower and protection, its weight and mechanical complexity sometimes led to mobility issues, especially in challenging terrain. In summary, the choice between a Panzer tank and a Tiger tank would depend on factors such as the specific requirements of a mission, the availability of resources, and the strategic objectives of the military command. Both types of tanks had their strengths and weaknesses, and each played a significant role in the German armored forces during World War II. We have made a video about the Panzer IV tank, which can be seen on our YouTube channel @FunkyHistory

Who used the gun panzer Faust in World War 2?

The Germans used the PanzerFaust (tank fist). It was a disposable anti tank weapon.

What battles did the Panzer IV serve in?

The Panzer IV served in various battles and campaigns throughout World War II. Some important battles where the Panzer IV participated include: Invasion of Poland (1939) Battle of France (1940) Operation Barbarossa (1941) - German invasion of the Soviet Union Battle of Stalingrad (1942-1943) Battle of Kursk (1943) Battle of Normandy (1944) - part of the D-Day landings Battle of the Bulge (1944-1945) Battle of Berlin (1945) These are just a few examples, as the Panzer IV was a versatile tank used extensively by the German military throughout the war. We have made a video about this tank, which can be seen on our YouTube channel @FunkyHistory

Who invented the sherman tank?

the US Army invented the Sherman tank.

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Why was the panzer tank invented?

Panzer=Armor=Tank. Tanks were initially invented to breach enemy lines (in WWI).

What was the strongest tank?

The challenger 2 tank, invented by the British most avaced tank in the world

How do you say tank in German?

Tank as a container is "Tank"Tank as in an armoured vehicle is "Panzer"

Which was the best German tank?

5 panzer 3 4 panzer 4 3 stug 2 panther 1 tiger

Who invented the panzer 5 tank?

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How it the German panzer tank get its name?

The tank series got there name because Panzer means tank in german

What is the cheat code for the tank in grand theft auto 4?

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What is bigger tiger tank 1 or tiger tank 3?

There is only one tank named the Tiger and that's the Panzer 6, the biggest panzer was the Panzer 8 Maus

What is the plural of Tank in German language?

The German word for and armored vehicle or tank is Panzer. The plural is the same, i.e. also Panzer.

What is the coolest World War 2 tank?

The German King Tiger Tank - "Panzerkampfwagen VI Konigstiger" aka Panzer VI.

How do you say nazi tank in German?


What is another name for the tiger tank?

Panzer VI.