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US Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, who served as a Lieutenant in the 442nd (Nisei) Regimental Combat Team in Italy. In April 1945, Lt. Inouye was hit in his abdomen by a bullet, barely missing his spine. He continued to fight until his right arm was shattered by a German rifle grenade. He lost his right arm. His Distinguished Service Cross was upgraded to a Medal of Honor on June 21, 2000.

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Maybe not in that Inouye was of the Hawaiian race, not a descendant of Japanese ancestors.

Here are some members for the 442 Regimental Combat Team who had their medals upgraded to the Medal of Honor.

Kaoru Moto (Makawao, Maui, Private First Class, C Company, 100th Battalion)

Yukio Okutsu (Hilo, Hawaii, Technical sergeant, F Company, 2nd Battalion, 442nd RCT)

Robert Kuroda (Aiea, Staff sergeant, H Company, 2nd Battalion, 442nd RCT)

Yeiki Kobashigawa (Waianae, Technical sergeant, B Company, 100th Battalion)

Barney Hajiro (Waipahu, Private First Class, I Company, 3rd Battalion, 442nd RCT)

Masato Nakae (Honolulu, Private First Class, A Company, 100th Battalion)

Shinyei Nakamine (Waianae, Private, B Company, 100th Battalion)

Mikio Hasemoto (Honolulu, Private, B Company, 100th Battalion)

Shizuya Hayashi (Pearl City, Private, A Company, 100th Battalion)

George Sakato, Co. E. 442RCT

Frank Ono, Co. F, 442RCT

Kiyoshi Muranaga, Co. G, 442RCT

Joe Hayashi, Co. K

William Nakamura, Co. G

Kazuo Otani, Co. G

Kazuo Otani, Co. G

Ted Tanouye, Co. K

James K. Okubo

***If you need this answer for a WWII crossword puzzle the answer is Masaoka :)

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Q: Who was a famous Japanese American soldier in World War 2?
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