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It was Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto Japan's greatest navel stratagist

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Q: Who was the mastermind of Japanese strategy during World War 2?
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Which military strategy did the US use the Japanese during world war 2?

Island Hopping

Which military strategy did the US use against the Japanese during World War 2?

Island Hopping

What did the strategy of island hopping involve?

During World War II, the American strategy of island-hopping involved a simple but highly effective strategy: Japanese strongholds would be bypassed, while islands helpful to the overall American (and Allied) effort would be taken. With the tremendous naval and air forces at their disposal, the Americans were able to conduct a generally successful offensive against the Japanese through this creative strategy.

Who held the Japanese during world war 2?

America held the Japanese in camp during WW2

What was the Japanese mentality during World War 2?

The Japanese had a mentality of 'no surrender' during World War 2 because they had fought for so long during World War I. The idea that the Japanese might not win the war was inconceivable at the time.

What was the strategy to cut off Japanese supplies and to capture key islands during World War 2?

During world war 2, the immediate course of action for preventing Japan from getting supplies was to carry out submarine tours near the south. Ships that were believed to be carrying items meant to supply Japanese soldiers were often torpedoed down.

How many Japanese soldiers killed during World War 2?

2.12 Million Japanese Military were reported to be killed during World War 2.

Who were affected during world war 2?

The Japanese

Were the Japanese cannibals during world war 2?


Who was on the Japanese side during world war 2?

The Japenese were on the Japanese side in WW2

Which strategy used during both world wars resulted in the mobilization of countries entire populations to supports war efforts?

The Strategy used during both world wars is Total War

What was the allied strategy during World War II?

To defeat the axis countries.

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