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to be hones i don't know who the groups of people that move where but i think that it was mainly children and families and people living in

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The Jewish people were taken from there homes during WW2

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Q: Who were the groups of people who moved during World War 2?
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Where were people evacuated from and to in Scotland in Scotland during World War 2?

I know of people from Edinburgh who were moved to the Pitlochry area

Why were people moved to internment camps during world war 2?

To prevent them from spying or committing sabotage

What people groups moved to Texas in the mid 1800's?


What groups of people moved into Minnesota in the territorial era?

french english

Which groups of people moved onto the plains in the late 1800?


Why are there so many ethnic groups in russia?

It brought a lot of freedom to Russia . Many people from around the world moved there expecially people Europe. Therefore the more people that come into Russia the more ethnic groups come into Russia.

What are two groups of people that lived in or moved to Canada in the early 1800s?

people from Scotland, Ireland and england

What conclusion about migration during World War 2 is confirmed by clear evidence in the map?

a large number of people moved to the west.

What people moved to the cities during the Industrial Revolution?


Who were the Aryan people in ancient India?

Groups of people migrate from one area to another. Some groups of people speak the same or similar languages. These groups split and some go one way and others go a different way. Linguists can determine the relationship between various groups of people by studying the languages they speak. They know the patterns that languages follow when sounds change and grammar changes. The Aryan people were an ancient people who moved into North India and conquered the area. They produced the oldest religious writing. A linguist studied that writing to see if he could determine where the Aryans came from. He discovered the Aryans were Greeks. The Greeks had moved out of the Ukurane and some had moved to Greece and some had moved to India.

Did the paleolithic people live in large communities?

Paleolithic people typically lived in small nomadic groups of about 20-30 individuals, although this could vary. These groups were likely based on kinship ties and moved frequently in search of food and resources. Large settled communities emerged later, during the Neolithic period.

During the many people moved into .?

great migration; cities in the North