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In England during World War I and World War II, children were evacuated to the country. They were moved out of the cities for their safety.

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Q: Where were children evacuated in WW1?
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How many children had been evacuated in ww1?


Did children get evacuated during world war 1?

Yes. It was the children, that were evacuated; mainly because the government wanted to preserve the future generation. They were mainly evacuated to the countrysides where they lived with rich people, but they were not treated very well. They were servants instead of guests. No, there was no threat of aerial bombing of civillians in WW1. I don't think there was any evacuation anywhere. The most evacuation was in ww2 but there was evacuation because my great grandad was evacuated in ww1.

What happened during ww1?

People got evacuated

Why were children evacuated and where were they evacuated to?

Children were evacuated for their safety because of the bombings near their home, they would usually be evacuated to the countryside.

How were children evacuated in world 2?

they were evacuated on trains

Where did most children get evacuated to?

they got evacuated to countrysides

Were did children get evacuated to in the war?

Children were evacuated from the cities to the countryside to avoid the bombing.

How did children get evacuated?

children got evacuated by train and were taken to a safer place were there were less bombs .

What kind of punishements were the children giving when evacuated to the countryside durind world war1?

Children weren't evaculated during WW1 - there was no systematic aerial bombing so the civilian population wasn't so threatened as during WW2.

Why were children evacuated in World War 2 again?

Most children were evacuated to the countryside via Train.

Was it right for children to be evacuated in World War 2?

Yes, it was right for children to be evacuated for their own saftey.

What did the WRVS do?

Evacuated children