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Q: Were children evacuated during the blitz?
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When were children in the war evacuated?

They were evacuated in the fony war, the blitz and after the blitz stopped

How were evacuated children during the blitz?

During the Blitz in World War II, children were evacuated from urban areas to the countryside or other safer locations to protect them from bombing raids. They were often sent to live with host families or in group shelters to ensure their safety. This evacuation effort aimed to reduce the risk of harm to children during the intense bombing raids on cities.

What happened to the German children during the Blitz in World War 2?

From 1942 onwards German children were evacuated to rural areas from the big cities.

Why were British children evacuated in the early years of World War 2?

because of the Luftwaffe's bombing of London and other major cities during the blitz, many children were evacuated to rural and lesser populated areas to move them out of possible harms way. London, for example relied heavily on the tube system ( underground rail ) as bomb shelters, which became extremely crowded. My mother was one of the children evacuated during the war.

Did German children get evacuated in World War 2?

not all children got evacuated in the war. It was up to your parents in they wanted to evacuate you. Some children got evacuated but got homesick and ran home. Hitler didnt bomb major cities until 1 year after the war so lots of parents took their children home, thinking nothing is going to happen but then the blitz started

When did children get evacuated in World War 2?

they were evactued in 1939 before the blitz, they then were re evacuated in 1942 when the v-1 and v-2 bombs were designed and used.

Why was the people taken out of there country?

People were evacuated (mostly children) as it was deemed unsafe to live. One example of this was when the Blitz happened in London. Over 1,474,000 people were evacuated.

What did the children do during the war?

they were evacuated

Why were the children evacuated from England during the battle of Britain?

Children were evacuated out of London because the German bombing (Blitz) was very dangerous and parent and the government wanted to protect the children. Some woman and the elderly were evacuated as well, but most woman stayed because of their jobs. Hardly any men were evacuated because most men were called off to fight in the B.R.A.F (British Royal Air Force).

How many people were evacuated from London in World War 2?

According to the census of 1931, London's metro region population was 4.4 million. (Source:

Why were children evacuated during war?

Children were evacuated in the war because they people thought they would be safer evacuated than in their city home. And in advance the people also thought that if they was another war then there would be plenty of men to fight. Think of it as ' Preserving children for the future '

What were lots of children in world war 2 called?

The children in England who had to be evacuated from the blitz bombing were called "Evacuees". Now to be funny, they were called lads, lassies, kids, children, bonnies.