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because it did not affect them.

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Q: Why did people le the holocaust occur?
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Is French politician Marine Le Pen a Holocaust denier?

Yes, the French politician Marine Le Pen is a Holocaust denier.

What continent did the holocaust occur?

The Holocaust took place in Europe.

Why do you think people allowed the Holocaust to occur?

Fear. Even though the victims outnumbered the aggressors, they were scared.

Did other genocides occur after the holocaust?

Yes, there have been multiple genocides after the Holocaust.

Can a Holocaust occur again?

Technically, yes. But with the technology and armies countries have today it would end really quickly. Plus people would rebel more than they did in the original Holocaust.

When did the African Holocaust occur?

The African Holocaust refers to atrocities against the African people throughout history. It begins with the Arab slave trade of 650 and still continues today in parts of the world.

Did the Nanking Massacre occur before or after the Holocaust?

It occurred in 1937, which means it took place before the Holocaust.

People who dont believe in the Holocaust?

People who do not believe that the holocaust took place are known as 'holocaust deniers.'

Who were the second people attacked by the Holocaust?

The Holocaust did not and could not attack people.

How might the events of the holocaust have challenged faith in God?

People are inclined to question God's judgment (and even His existence) whenever deaths or tragedies occur.

What did pacifism have to do with World War 2 and the holocaust?

People in America and other countries didn't want fighting to occur, they just wanted the war to play out.

How many people live in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is not a place.