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Because nobody was expected to drop bombs on the countryside.

From the beginning iof the war, it was expected that Germany would bomb all major cities. The whole country was zoned according to its presumed danger; so London was a place of danger, and children could be sent out for their protection; Devon was a place opf safety, so households could be made to accomodate childre.

This led to one or two curious anomalies. In one North-Eastern area, a port city was directly next to a holiday resort. The city was a place of danger, the resort one of safety. One street ran along the boundary, and in theory a child could be evacuated from one side of the street to the other.

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So they don't get killed

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Q: Why did the evacuees leave home?
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What was tied on to evacuees when they were evacuated?

Labels were tied on to evacuees when they left home

What was the name of the children who had to leave their homes called in the world war 2?

evacuees. :)

What happened to homesick evacuees?

they still weren't allowed home

When did evacuees in world war two go home?

All the time

When did the World War 2 evacuees come home?

After the battle Britain :)

Did evacuees in World War 2 sent letters home?

yes, yes they did.

What were evacuees?

Evacuees had to try to fit in with other children and their families so that they wouldn't feel more emotional about having to leave home. Second answer: The evacuees were primarily sent to farms and country villages. They had to learn to do farm chores and how to play safely in the country. Most of the evacuees had decent experiences but some were abused, had their ration cards stolen from them or were made fun of by the other children or the host families. Some spent hours writing to their families.

Where did the evacuees come from?

where did the first ever evacuees come from where did the first ever evacuees come from

Could evacuees from World War 2 contact home?

only by writing to Their address.

What are the boxes called that evacuees had?

evacuees boxes

How were evacuees picked by the families that took them?

The evacuees would be picked by the family. They would go down to the station and check the kids' ID, clothes and gender and then they would take the chosen child home.

Did evacuees write letters to their family in World War 2?

yes they did write letters home