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They did join in. In World War 2 only Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and Ireland remained neutral.

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Q: Why didn't half of the countries in Europe join the world wars?
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What did Europe do during the cold war?

All the Eastern European countries were under controll of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. These countries included Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and even part of Germany, plus a few other countries. Germany was split into two sections after WW2. The eastern half belonged to Russia while the western half was controlled by Great Britain, America and France. Yugoslavia, while controlled by the Soviets, was not greatly affected by Russian influence. Their leader Tito at the time, was very hesitant to be controlled by the USSR.

How did the map of Europe change after world war 2?

After World War II, the map of Europe changed drastically due to all the power Germany had lost after the war had finally ended. In doing so, Germany was officially divided up. However, soon after it returned to its original state.

Which European country had the largest Jewish population prior to World War 2?

France has the largest population of Jews in Europe, and the second largest in the world (after the US), with about half a million Jews. The following European countries also have large Jewish populations: United Kingdom (300,000) Russia (225,000) Germany (150,000) Ukraine (80,000) Hungary (50,000) Belgium (35,000) Netherlands (30,000) Italy (30,000)

Who is the person that started war world 2?

The primary person involved in starting World War 2 in Europe was Adolf Hitler. Very few wars are really started by one person, but Hitler has almost exclusive ownership of the start of World War 2 in Europe. The Asian half of World War 2 can't be blamed on a single person as much as it can be pinned on the culture of the leading Japanese people of the time. The xenophobic, imperialistic, expansive, and self-righteous leadership led the country into a horrifying war that consumed tens of millions of lives.

Why did Hitler want to rule the world?

He actually didn't want to. All he wanted was "Lebensraum" for the German people to live, which included the Soviet Union, Poland, and most of Eastern Europe. Its a common misconception that he wanted to rule the world.

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Is it important that fewer than half of the European countries belong to the European Union?

Actually, more than half of Europe's countries belong to the European Union. It is not important how many countries belong to it, even when less than half of Europe's countries did belong to it.

Which part of the world is iceland in?

It is half in America and half in Europe, but is told as in Europe

Who was in power in Europe following World War 2?

In the begining all the other countries in Europe was in power of them selfs.But Nazi Germany took over western Europe so half of Europe belonged to the Germans.

Is the European union mean Europe?

No. The European Union is an organisation. Europe is a continent. 28 of Europe's countries are members of the European Union, which is just over half of the countries of Europe.

What kind of money does Europe use?

The main currency in Europe is the Euro, but more than half the countries in Europe have their own national currencies.

Are most of the world's countries small countries?

Only about half of the worlds countries are small.

Why is Austria in Europe?

Because that is where it is. It is geographically located there, in the centre of Europe. It is also a member of the organisation called the European Union, along with 27 other European countries, which is just over half of all of Europe's countries.

What tells Europe to stay in their own half of the world?

Monroe doctrine

Which country covers more than half of Europe?

Russia, the largest country in the world, is partially in Europe. It covers a larger area of Europe than any other country. However, it would be less than half of Europe, but over a third of Europe.

What country is bigger than Europe and Asia combined?

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning across Europe and Asia. With a total area of over 17 million square kilometers, it is larger than the combined land area of Europe and Asia.

What does the term old world refer to?

the other half of the world that include europe,africa,asia, and australia

What two countries produce half of the world's mercury?

Spain and Italy