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Good question. It seems logical to let the enemy know that we were building it so they would be more worried. That is how the countries tried to use "the bomb" during the Cold War to cause fear in their enemies. However, there were several reasons to keep it a secret. 1- The US wanted to keep it secret so no one would steal the plans or technology as to how it was made. Germany had tried to make the Atomic Bomb but their used a different theory and technique. 2- Hide the project in order to protect it from attack. During WW1 and WW2, enemy agents were able to sneak into the US and destroy some resources. There was strict security at Oakridge in order to keep the purpose of the site a secret. (My father-in-law worked there as a carpenter and told me about their security.) 3- The other secret that needed to be protected was the timing of the use of the bomb. If the enemy knew the US had developed and tested it, then they would know it would be used soon and could possibly stop it's deployment. The bomb had to be sent to the Pacific Theater by ship and loaded on to bombers. All of this had to be kept secure.

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Q: Why they kept the Manhattan Project a secret?
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