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Heavy British losses.

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Q: Why was the end of the Battle of Bunker Hill significant?
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Battle of Bunker Hill ended the revolutionary war?

No, the Battle of Bunker Hill did not end the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Yorktown did.

Was the result of the battle of bunker hill?

inconclusive end

When was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought in beginning middle or end of the war?

The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought towards the beginning of the American Revolution.

When did the Battle of Bunker Hill start and end?

The Battle of Bunker Hill was actually fought on Breeds Hill on 17 June 1775.

What happened in the end of battle bunker hill?

Benedict Arnold died. Benedict Arnold died.

When did Bunker Hill Breweries end?

Bunker Hill Breweries ended in 1918.

What happened at Bunker Hill and Breeds Hill?

Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill are the same thing. Breed's Hill is famous for the "Battle of Bunker Hill" that happened during the American Revolutionary War. The casualties for the 13 colonies were 115 deaths, 305 injuries, and 30 captured. For England, they had 226 deaths(19 of them were officers), 828 injuries. In the end, the English won, but with the amount of deaths and injuries the English had the colonies thought of it as a victory.

Did the british have trouble taking Breed's hill known as the Battle of Bunker Hill?

Yes, it took several attempts on the part of the British but they finally did take the hill. We of course won the over all Battle in the end though.

Why did the British end up capturing Bunker Hill or Breeds Hill?

Breeds hill

How many years did it take for the Battle of Bunker Hill to end?

1 year and the British won after a hard battle with the Amercian colonists! it happened in 1776 till 1777

Who won the Battle of Breeds Hill?

Are you sure you do not mean The Battle of Bunker Hill? If you do mean Bunker Hill, the answer is the British. They lost many soldiers to the Continental Army. The Continental Army had to retreat because they ran out of ammunition. It was here, that the famous saying, " Don't shoot 'till you see the whites of their eyes," was uttered. (it was spoken by a Continental) In the end, the British lost a greater amount of soldiers and the colonists were better off than the British. This showed the British, and the colonists, that Britain can be defeated. Thank you and I wish I was of service to you. :)

Did the Battle of Bunker Hill end immediately?

No, the Battle of Bunker Hill did not end immediately. It lasted for several hours on June 17, 1775. The American colonists, although eventually forced to retreat, inflicted heavy casualties on the British forces.