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You're best bet is to only use 6-8 psi because there internals are not capable of to much boost. You should also take a look at the mileage you're engine has. Good luck just don't screw the engine up.

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Q: How much hp can a stock Honda f20c engine handle?
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What size is an Honda s2000 engine?

There were two engine sizes, depending on the Market.AP1 - all models 1,997 ccAP2 (F20C) 1,997 ccAP2 (F22C1) 2,157 cc (Mainly for the US).

What type of motor is in a S2000?

Honda F22C1 engine found in the S2000. The Honda S2000 has 2 motors depending on the year and region that is was made in. For US models made between the year 2000 to early 2005 It had the F20C motor which red lined at 9,000rpm's. For US models mid 2005- May 2009 it came with the F22C motor which red lined at 8,500rpm's. The final "Ultimate" 2009 S2000's made only in Europe came with the F20C motor.

Does F20C engine fit Ford Taurus?

Anything is possible. There is a kid doing a LS1 into a civic hatchback on ls1tech. If you get a rwd escort, and a wrecked s2000, and have some sort of fabrication skills, it would be a fun fun fun project hope this helps

Will the B18a1 fit into my 1991 prelude si?

Yes but it will take alot of custom parts such as motor mounts and it doesn't give that much of a powergain. if you looking for a good engine swap go with any H or F series (with exception of the f20c) there are multiple of site that have swap tutorials but i would say the best is

What engine swaps are ther for the 1995 Mazda miata mx-5?

anything up to 350 chev engines any engine can be swapped into any car but the more crazy the swap, the more money is involved. Some known swaps 13b turbo rotary...rx7 f20c ...Honda s2000 ls1 Chevy small block ford small block v8 I have even heard of Saab b234's also because they can take a lot of turbo boost and the ecu code is very easy to work with The best bet though is to turbo or supercharge your current 1.8l engine. It is a great engine with low compression, forged internals and can take boost reliably. In fact several Japanese Mazdas have the same engine with turbocharging from the factory. It would be wise to upgrade the clutch if turbocharging to be able to take all the torque.

What Type Of Honda Engine Are There?

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