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BMW logo,

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Q: What are the blue and white checkered emblems on cars?
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If 23 black cars 9 red cars 17 blue cars 25 white cars and 21 silver cars how many more white and blue cars are there than sliver and red?

There are 12 more white and blue cars then there are silver and red.

Why do some c180 cars have trunk emblems and some not?

On many cars, drivers prefer their vehicle to be "badgless" so they take the emblems off and cover the holes.

Ed counts 23 black cars9 red cars17 blue cars25 white cars and 21 silver cars during 20 minutes of watching .How many more white and blue cars are there than silver and red cars?

white + blue = 17 + 25 = 42 silver + red = 9 + 21 = 30 there are 12 more white and blue then silver and red. unless this is some strange riddle

Where would one be able to purchase emblems from Cadillac cars?

You are able to purchase them online via the Cadillac cars website. Also main retailers such as Amazon and ebay may also have Cadillac Cars emblems at reasonable prices.

Are there any 1968 amc red white and blue color amx cars?


What colour is an Italian police car?

Most modern Italian Police cars are now pastal blue with a horizontal white stripe, prior to this they were white cars with a horizontal green stripe, earlier cars were all green.

What are Elvis Presleys favorite colors?

His favorite colors were Blue, Black, White, and Gold

What are the popular colors of Little Tikes Cars?

The most popular colors for the Little Tikes cars are red and yellow, blue and black, and blue and green. Others include the police car (white and black) and red and black.

Where do you find the value of Franklin Mint Emblems of worlds greatest cars collections?

I sold my set for $1000. last November

When was Counting Blue Cars created?

Counting Blue Cars was created in 1995.

If you counted13 blue cars in 1 minute about how many blue cars will you see in 5 minutes?

65 Cars >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

How do you remove an emblem from a 1997 accord?

I work for a company that customizes cars, and we remove a lot of emblems. I'll tell you the way we do it, with the caveat that you must make a solemn promise to NOT do this until after you've gone to a junkyard and removed the emblems from a lot of wrecks. This can ruin your paint job if you're not careful. Emblems are just glued onto cars now. We get them off by heating them to soften the glue, then popping them off with a plastic putty knife. You can use a heat gun, but we use a propane torch.