What does the word motive mean?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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a motive is something a criminal has

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Q: What does the word motive mean?
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What does the root word motive mean?

I am assuming you mean as in "motivation." Motive means the determination of a certain phenomena that is not obvious.

What is a sentence with the word motive?

The police are trying to find the motive of the murder.Money is my main motive.

What is the definition of the word motive?

The definition of the word motive is to move or an inner drive impulse.

Can you make me a sentence using the word motive?

Yes: What motive do I have to answer this question?

How do you put the word motive in a sentence?

in solving crimes, the police look for a motive.

What is a good sentence for the word motive?

Beware is she brings you a gift, her motive is revenge.

What part of speech is the word motive?

"Motive" is a noun (of the idea-type category).

A sentence with the word motive?

Her motive to explain the way she acted was her friends.

What is the origin of motive?

Motive is from the French word "motif," which was adopted about 700 years ago.

What is identifying a motive mean?

identifying a motive is seeing why the person committed the crime.

What is an antonym for the word motive?


What is the word for self moving?