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identifying a motive is seeing why the person committed the crime.

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Q: What is identifying a motive mean?
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What does the word motive mean?

a motive is something a criminal has

What does the root word motive mean?

I am assuming you mean as in "motivation." Motive means the determination of a certain phenomena that is not obvious.

What does character motive mean?

the reasons for the characters actions in a story

What is a by-motive?

A by-motive is a hidden motive.

What does motive mean in history's terms?

it means to eat an ancient fruit

Why it is important to identify the motive and context of a primary source document?

Identifying the motive and context of a primary source document is crucial for interpreting its content accurately. Understanding the purpose or intent behind the creation of the document helps to assess its reliability and potential bias. Additionally, grasping the historical context in which the document was produced provides valuable insights into the events and perspectives of the time.

What is an motive?

An ulterior motive is a motive that they have beyond the main motive. They often do not show that they have this motive and it is often not good. The ulterior motive is almost always has it for their own good only.

What is the mean of point?

It is a way of identifying the position of something.

What does ulterior thought mean?

An ulterior thought is a hidden or unstated intention behind someone's actions or words. It refers to a motive or objective that is not openly expressed.

What does alio intuito mean?

With a motive other than the ostensible and proper one.

What does Electric Motive Force mean?

EMF is a fancy way of saying voltage.

What is a sentence with the word motive?

The police are trying to find the motive of the murder.Money is my main motive.