What is the weight oil in race cars?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Anything from 0W-20 to 25W60 depending on application.

Torco Racing Oil has a great write up on which product is best for application

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Q: What is the weight oil in race cars?
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If race cars didn't race they wouldn't be race cars.

What gas do they use inracing cars?

Usually they use synthetic race oil

What is the weight of a formula 2 car?

Cars must weight at least 650kg, without fuel. This season they also carry 100-150kg of fuel at the race start, but are running on empty by the end of the race.

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What is 10w30?

!0w30 is the weight of the oil in the cars. It starts at 10 and goes to 30 as it heats up.

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Why is synthetic oil better?

it provides the best form of lubrication for RACE cars. they have a higher boiling point because they go faster meaning the engine gets hotter. NOT recommended to put in a standard car Hmm, every time I get an oil change they ask if I want synthetic oil, for twice the price, but they say I could go about 10,000 miles before the next oil change. And my vehicles are NOT race cars!

What weight oil should you use with traxass cars?

weights 20 through 40 shock oils

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