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A seven segment display is a device used to display numbers and letters on things such as alarm clocks. A 7 segment display is simply seven LED's packaged in a pattern that allows numbers and letters to be displayed by illuminating different sets of LED's.

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Q: 7 segment display LED
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Is it possible to display the result on a 7 segment LED display wirelessly to another 7 segment LED display a few meters away?

Remote 7 segment display ideaIt is possible only with another means of transmission of which infra red or bluetooth is most propably the easiest and better known. The problem arises, that you will need a transmitter and a receiver, for which you will need quite a few complicated circuits. Bluetooth is cheap and relatively easy once you know how to connect it to the LED display, but it would be much better to connect the transmitter to whatever is driving your first display. This is usually way beyond most electronic hobbyists capabilities. I for one won't even try! It would be cheaper in development time to buy a remote indicator, even two smartphones with appropriate software could be used. The Nokia 6680 can support Hyperterminal, which means you can control another device with it via bluetooth, cable or infrared. A relatively cheap and easy way would be to add an infrared(IR) LED in your display. I.e. you would have 8 LED's to drive. The last IR LED could then be programmed to transmit a different code for every "digit" you display. (Try Morse code, but remember that it have to be real fast.) Your IR receiver needs a programmed decoder on te other side to interpret code and re-convert it back to 7 segment display. The electronics for this can be found in any old ball mouse, but the "lens" in front of the LED's need to be modified to transmit over longer distances. An old TV remote have the best IR LED's for a transmitter, but they are cheap anyway.Some cheap digital two way radios have the capability of sending digital data over the air, so it could be possible to set this up if you know electronics and programming.More Ideas- There are cheap low-power FM transmitter circuits or pre-built boards available, and one-chip FM receivers. Or homebrew one. Or AM circuits. Stay legal with the FCC, though. - Use an standard IR receiver designed for remote control applications. These are cheap and include a 32-40 kHz modulator to avoid interference from other light sources. You can even hack a universal remote control and allow for other commands. Or modulate on your own with IR LED and IR photodiode.- Use a Zigbee chip. (similar to Bluetooth concept, but even lower power, designed for limited update rates).- Check with robotics enthusiasts. They need similar devices all the time.

What is the use of 7448 IC?

7432 ICs are used for summing purposesThe 7432 is a quad dual input OR gate. That means that the device contains four identical two input OR gates. It is often in a 14 pin package, and as each gate has three connections, there are 12 logic pins, a ground pin, and a power supply (5 volts) pin, making a total of 14 pins.See a datasheet.

How many segments to create the number 8 in a LED device?

7 _ |_| |_|

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Is 7 segment led a combinational circuit?

A: NO it is a display of seven segment to display a decimal of '0' to '9' it may have 8 LED for the point

What is the 2 types of 7 segment led display?

recheck ur que first................ 2 or 7

How to connect 74ls138 with 7 segment?

We cannot connect the 74ls138 straight with a seven segment display; for that we need a 7447(7 segment driver).

Why 7 segment display is used in microprocessors?

A 7 segment display is an I/O device, and it is not necessarily used in microprocessors. The choice of I/O devices is a function of system design, not microprocessor design.

Which numbers 1-10 have straight line segments?


What is the Function of led 7 segment with 8085 microprocessor?

A seven segment[E1]consist of seven light -emitting diode segments and one segment for the decimal point.The LEDs are physically arranged.To display a number, the necesssary segments are lit by sending an appropriate signals for current flow to the diodes

How many leads or pins are there on a 7-segment display which contains decimal point?


What would cause a 7-segment display to have no segments on?

A Loss of power or the blanking signal is on to begin with.

How do you find the common anode pin of 7 segment display?

common pin connected to supply

How do you interface 7 segment display with 8051?

With something conductive - like wires or a circuit board.

What type of interface circuit is required between the MPU data lines and a 7 segment display?

a latch

How do you power a 7 segment display?

Each LED in the display must be powered separately with a current source. The required current depends on the ratings of the LED and the desired brightness level. The usual grubby 7-segment display will accept 10-20mA and be adequately bright over that range. Most 7-segment displays have 8 or 9 LEDs (one for each segment, one for the decimal, and sometimes one for a high left-side decimal). Most displays have common cathodes and independent anodes. Each anode will typically be powered independently of the others, often by the output of a microcontroller or converter/driver chip (BCD to 7 seg or binary to 7 seg). As these outputs are often un-limited voltage sources, a limiting resistor must be used in series with the output powering each LED. Calculating the resistor value is simple. Use the formula R = (Vsrc-Vdrop)/Iseg, where Vsrc is the source voltage of the output, Vdrop is the forward voltage drop of the LED (Typically you can approximate this to 2V for most LEDs.), and Iseg is the current desired. Assuming you have 12V outputs and want around 15mA driving each LED, the resistors should be (12-2)/0.015, or 666ohms. (680ohms is the nearest standard value.)