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Yes, birds are classified as dinosaurs by many paleontologists.

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Q: Are dinosaurs alive today in Africa?
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What dinosaurs still live today?

birds are still alive and are dinosaurs

What is the oldest dinosaur alive today?

There aren't any dinosaurs alive today but there are some animals that have not evolved much (if at all) since the age of the dinosaurs such as jellyfish.

Are there feathered dinosaurs still alive today?

The dinosaurs have died out but birds may have evolved from them.

Are people sure dinosaurs are still alive?

Birds are dinosaurs and today everywhere we have birds.

Name a creature that was alive before the dinosaurs and is still alive today?


Do dinosaurs still live to this day?

Dinosaurs as most people think of them are completely extinct. However, birds evolved from dinosaurs, and as such, are considered to be a group of dinosaurs. Since birds are still alive today, so are some dinosaurs. No dinosaurs other than birds are alive today, though.

How scientist know that dinosaurs existed?

Because they are alive today, birds are dinosaurs. And because of fossils.

Are flying dinosaurs still alive today?

Yes. Birds have now been recognized as dinosaurs.

Is a ostrich a dinosaur?

Birds evolved from dinosaurs, and are considered a group of dinosaurs. Ostriches are a type of bird. Therefor, they are dinosaurs (the largest dinosaurs alive today).

How many dinosaur are still alive?

No The ones alive today are Birds. Whoever answered "no" is completely wrong. The ones alive today are both birds (avian dinosaurs) and usual dinosaurs (non-avian dinosaurs). Whoever answered "No" is completely wrong and is not an answer to that particular question. There are more than around 10 000 species of avian dinosaurs still alive today, and more than around 1300 non-avian dinosaur species are known in the fossil record, it is currently unknown how many of these are still alive, but at least around 100-500 as minimum.

Which is the biggest animal is related to dinosaurs?

The largest animal alive today that is related to dinosaurs would be the saltwater crocodile.

Which reptile alive today is a descendant of the dinosaurs?

Modern reptiles are not descendants of dinosaurs. Their modern descendants are actually birds.

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